This is my first game in ludumdare. The rules are simple. All you need to do is survive inside the room within 37 hours (or 10 minutes in real world). There are carnivores out there! Be sure to lock yourself up by patching and fixing doors. Also, there will be no action without a weapon. So, grandpa has one big chainsaw. Either kill, run, or lock yourself in one tiny room. It;s your choice.

By the way the game is for ludumdare 37. The theme is "One Room".

This is the ludumdare page

The source code: Github

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I did used my idea on HowTo: dynamic grid tutorial video for the tiles (grass, and floor). Here is the link if you ever want it (It's for Unity C# only by the way)

Be sure to subscribe to my channel and I'll try to make more howto video tutorials whenever I want.

Also, the source code for this "37 hours in a room" game is messy cause I rushed it. I didn't even try to use some inheritance or whatsoever complex design patterns.

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